How do Our Pets Really Feel About Wearing the Costumes?


There are only a few things in this world cuter than a dog dressed up as a lion or a cat dressed up as a dinosaur - but how do our pets feel about it all? Do our pets actually like wearing dog and cat costumes and clothing? Or is it something we do purely for our pleasure? Today we’ll answer this question along with others like:

  • What can I do to make my pet more comfortable in their costume?
  • What are the best pet costume fabrics?
  • And more - so let’s not waste another minute!

Do my pets actually like wearing costumes?

There’s really no right or wrong answer to this question. Like people, animals each have their own individual personalities. So for some, the answer to this question will be yes. For others, it will be no. And still, for others, it may simply depend.

There are lots of reasons a pet may enjoy getting dressed up in dog and cat costumes and clothing- for warmth, for attention, for comfort, or even to please their owner. But there are lots of things that can make them feel uncomfortable too - an outfit being too small, the wrong pet costume fabric, an outfit being too hot, or a loss of functioning (i.e., cannot move tail).

In return, if we are going to dress up our animals, we must do everything we can to make them comfortable:

    • Ensure they are not in a costume that is going to make them overheat
    • Ensure the costume is a comfortable fit
    • Make sure the costume does not cover the tail or prevent your pet from walking/sitting/lying as usual.
    • Never put a costume on your pet that can hinder their breathing.
    • Never leave a pet in a costume unattended. It could become caught on furniture and become a safety hazard.
    • Choose a fabric that is comfortable for your pet.


How do I know if my pet is comfortable?

To know if your pet is comfortable in their dog and cat costumes and clothing, all you have to do is watch their body language. If they are wagging their tail, running around like usual, or acting otherwise happy, they are probably completely comfortable in their new costume. But if they are scratching or rubbing at the outfit, or standing still staring at the ground, it may be time to consider a different size outfit or a pet costume fabric.

What fabrics are the best for pet costumes?

When looking for the best fabrics for pet costumes, you want to select fabrics that are stretchy and breathable and stray away from fabrics that are itchy or too hot. This means that wools and yarns are often not the right choices for a dog or cat clothing. So what is the best option? Stick to fabrics like cotton, flannel, and fleece.

When selecting dog and cat costumes and clothing, always remember that pet costume fabrics and functionality are of utmost importance. Your costumes should never restrict the movement of your pet. While wearing the costume they should still be able to wag their tail, eat, play, run, and so on and so forth. Until your pet gets comfortable wearing a costume, always reward them with lots of attention and praise. Positive reinforcement is the best way to get your pet as excited about their new costume as you are!

What is your experience with dressing your pets in costumes? Share it in the comments!

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