What is Vegan Clothing?

Most people associate being Vegan with a way of eating. And while being vegan does influence what you eat, many people don’t realize that veganism is a lifestyle that affects the choices you make not only in food but also in fashion. But what do vegans wear and why do they wear it?

Wool is another example of how many clothing products are not animal friendly. Wool is made from shearing the skin of a lamb. And while no lambs die in the making of wool, lambs produce just enough wool to keep them protected from extreme temperatures. Furthermore, lambs used within the wool making industry often have their ears hole-punched and their tails cut off. Oh - and did we mention that the males are castrated?

And, as we all know, vegans are about more than just saving animals. They are also about saving the planet. Unfortunately, many of the mass-produced fashions that we wear are not considered eco-friendly. The factories that are used to create these pieces release toxins and chemicals into our air and waters, causing damage to our environment.

Vegan-friendly clothing then seeks to do the exact opposite - sustain the planet and prevent animal cruelty.

What is considered vegan sustainable clothing?

So if you decide to align with trends of cruelty-free clothing, what type of clothing can you wear? Look for natural, plant-based fabrics like linen, cotton, and hemp. Other organic vegan clothes options are those made from seaweed, wood, soybeans, coconut fiber, and recycled polyester.

There are a lot of alternatives out there, you just have to be really careful with the labeling. Just because a product isn’t made of leather or wool, doesn’t mean that it’s animal friendly. Here are some tips when buying vegan-friendly clothes :

Read the label. This is always the best place to start. Watch out for any clothing that is made from animal skin or animal fur. Be careful of mixed blends - a lot of them may contain organic materials mixed with animal byproducts.

Watch for hidden animal products like:

  • Glues derived from animals (commonly found in bags and shoes)
  • Dyes derived from animals 
  • Jacket linings made from silk
  • Leather tags and zippers
  • Goosedown padding
  • Buttons that are made from shell, bone, or horn

Watch out for vintage items. While there are some older vintage fashions that could be considered vegan sustainable clothing, older fashions are much more likely to be created with animal products. In the past, cruelty-free clothing wasn’t as popular as it is today and people didn’t pay as much attention to animal and planet welfare.

What about the animal clothing products that are already in my closet?

If you’ve just decided to jump on the trend of vegan-friendly clothing, there’s a good chance that you already have some animal product clothing in your closet. Does going vegan mean you have to ditch all of your old clothes?

Well, it’s really up to you. This topic is a hot debate in the vegan world. Some people say if you already own it, you aren’t causing any added harm and you might as well enjoy it. Others would say that you should avoid animal products altogether and ditch any leathers, silks, or wools that you own.

So really, it’s completely up to you! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy!

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