What Effect Does Catnip Have On Dogs?

You’ve probably already heard about catnip before. Catnip, aka nepeta cataria, is a herb that is put in a lot of toys for cats, as well as sold loosely, and provides many various reactions in cats. But not much is out there on dogs and catnip. What should you know about your pooch and this herb? Quite a bit, actually!

Are dogs affected by catnip?

As you likely already know, cats on catnip get a huge case of the zoomies. They race around, yowl, attack toys with a vengeance, and otherwise make you laugh. Dogs on catnip, however, just take a nap. It does have an effect on dogs, whether it be wild catnip or in a bag, but it’s the exact opposite of cats.

Can dogs get high off catnip?

If a dog ate catnip, he wouldn’t get high. Cats do get high, but dogs don’t. Dogs on catnip will not give you the same satisfaction as a cat. Catnip is actually used widely with a lot of dog parents by sprinkling it into his food in careful amounts in order to give him all of the benefits of dried catnip for dogs. For best results, go with wild catnip.

What effect does catnip have on dogs?

So, if dried catnip doesn’t make them high, what benefit does it give your pooch other than a good nap? Is there any effect in dogs at all from catnip? Yes! Here are some of the best effects that come if you were to let your dog eat catnip:

  • Settling of his stomach: If your pooch is prone to an upset stomach with digestive issues, half a teaspoon can be great for setting it and increasing his comfort.
  • Healing wounds (externally): If he has sores or a wound, sprinkle catnip over it. It will help clean the wound an also give it support in healing faster, too!
  • Diuretic purposes: If your poor has issues with staying regular in his peeing and pooping, catnip can help with that. Again, the same half a teaspoon will keep him regular and can help increase his digestive and bowel systems a lot.
  • Bug repellent: When used externally, catnip is also a great help with repelling bugs! If your pooch has a healing wound that you can’t cover, put a little bit of catnip on it and you’ll find that the biting pests will leave it alone.

Is there something like catnip for dogs?

So, if it isn’t nepeta cataria, what can dogs have in order to give them the same effects? Yes ,actually! The equivalent for your pooch is going to be anise. This is a spice that tastes similar to licorice for humans. If you give your dog properly portioned amounts of anise, you’ll get the same rolling around, zoomies behaviour that will give you endless hilarious videos to share with your friends!



As with catnip and dogs, you’ll want to make sure that you give your pooch the best quality anise you can get, and make sure that he is always under your supervision while he enjoys it. Too much of it, especially if its low quality, can impact his body physically and give him the runs, amongst other issues!


So, while catnip may be a good thing for dogs, it won’t give you the funny antics you expect when you see cats with it. If you want your pooch to get high, you may need to look in another part of the pet care store for the right ingredients, but it’ll be worth it! Whatever you decide, now you know what to expect!

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